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Previous Choreography Series

Modern Cabaret Troupe Choreography

A fast-paced piece that showcases the best in Nebula Dance Company's technical prowess and emotive expression. Inspired by Jillina Carlano's Bellydance Evolution productions.

Music: "Ancient Ruins" by Paul Dinletir

January - March 2019

Saidi Cane Dance

A lively advanced cane dance (Arabic: "raks assaya") drawing inspiration from both Salimpour-style and Reda-style theatrical adaptations of Saidi dance (raks saidi) and cane dance (raks assaya).

Music: "Efrooh Bwadina" by Hossam Ramzy

July - August 2018

Veil Choreography

A fun primer in the fundamentals of veil work! 

Music: "Harem" by R.E.G. Project

May - June 2018

The Original Drum Solo

Exactly what it sounds like - an exciting troupe drum solo choreography!

Music: "The Art of the Drum Solo" by Issam Houshan

March - April 2018

Classic Cabaret Troupe Choreography

A sultry troupe choreography inspired by the Salimpour Legacy and movements popular during the 1970's American Cabaret era.

Music: "Sallam Allay" by Hossam Ramzy

February - March 2018