Intro to Finger Cymbals with Sakina

Learn how to play finger cymbals while you dance with award-winning team Eastern Star Bellydance!

Saturday, October 12th ~ 10-11:30am ~ Downtown Dance, Chico 

In this introductory finger cymbal (Turkish: zills; Arabic: sagat) class, you will learn some basic finger cymbal patterns and how to match them with bellydance moves. This skill is a MUST for hobbyists, competitors, and aspiring professionals alike to add to their bellydance toolbox! 

Recommended experience: a few months in bellydance, with a few months listening to Arabic music. 

Please wear: leggings/yoga pants and tank top. Dance paws recommended but not required. 

Please bring: water bottle, dance binder/journal, a pen or pencil, and your set of 4 zills with elastic to fit your fingers. No zills? No problem - extra sets of zills will be available to borrow. Syllabi will be provided.

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Choreography Series

Take your training to the next level with a multi-week choreography series!

Ready to put together all those moves you've been learning at class? Join your classmates in learning a fun, upbeat choreography! This is also a great opportunity to receive additional technique feedback, to learn about stage formations, and to put your energy and emotions into your dancing. 

A must for the aspiring soloist or for those wanting to join Nebula Dance Company!

Choreography series also come with one or more optional performance opportunities 1-4 weeks after the end of the instructional period.

Next series coming soon!

Previous Choreography Series

Modern Cabaret Troupe Choreography

A fast-paced piece that showcases the best in Nebula Dance Company's technical prowess and emotive expression. Inspired by Jillina Carlano's Bellydance Evolution productions.

Music: "Ancient Ruins" by Paul Dinletir

January - March 2019

Saidi Cane Dance

A lively advanced cane dance (Arabic: "raks assaya") drawing inspiration from both Salimpour-style and Reda-style theatrical adaptations of Saidi dance (raks saidi) and cane dance (raks assaya).

Music: "Efrooh Bwadina" by Hossam Ramzy

July - August 2018

Veil Choreography

A fun primer in the fundamentals of veil work! 

Music: "Harem" by R.E.G. Project

May - June 2018

The Original Drum Solo

Exactly what it sounds like - an exciting troupe drum solo choreography!

Music: "The Art of the Drum Solo" by Issam Houshan

March - April 2018

Classic Cabaret Troupe Choreography

A sultry troupe choreography inspired by the Salimpour Legacy and movements popular during the 1970's American Cabaret era.

Music: "Sallam Allay" by Hossam Ramzy

February - March 2018